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Generasi Contoh Flowering Tree Icon Generasi Contoh Berita Minggu Features – a public education initiative by PPIS

As part of our public education campaign for the year 2010, we have collaborated with Berita Minggu in producing feature articles from our PPIS case files as well as other resources.

We want to share these stories with the community in order to inspire the following objectives:

  • to encourage everyone to see beyond their day to day issues and think holistically towards a better life for us, our family and our future generation.
    • to remind ourselves that our problems may be new to us but there are others who have faced such problems before who can help them to overcome our problems if only we reach out to these people by participating in sharing sessions, counseling, work-groups, self-help programmes, like the ones PPIS are organising.
      • to educate ourselves that solving problems must not just be about quick fixes, we need to think longer term on whether the solutions will impact us and our future generation/family positively or negatively.
        • to inculcate three characteristics that will guide us through any challenge that life has to offer:

          Visionary, Ihsan and Resilient.

          1. The first feature was published on 23rd May 2010 featuring Mardia Hassan and Dr Sharifah Mariam Aljunied. Click here to read the first feature.
          2. The second feature was published on 20th June 2010 and it featured the story of Mohd Nazhif and how he has grown more in confidence with the support of PPIS Students Care Centre. Read more about it the second PPIS feature in Berita Minggu here.
          3. The third feature was published on 4th July and featured a story, related by Bro Mohd Ali Mahmood the PPIS HOD for Family Service Centres, about a lady he counselled who had to overcome tremendous obstacles raising her seven children while her husband was in jail for more than 5 years. Read the story here.
          4. The fourth feature was published on 25th July 2010. It was produced by our early childhood education directorate which have had 27 years of pre-school setup and development experiences. The article featured were tips and advices on how to instill resilience in children. Read more about this here.


          3 Responses to “Berita Minggu ‘Generasi Contoh’ Features”
          1. Hariati says:

            I read last Sunday Berita Minggu articles by PPIS and their real-life story gives inspiration and moral booster spiritually to me. It show that my visions can be achieve and their story is a good example.Insya-allah,with Allah’s guidance.

          2. Norie says:

            Mengapa websites badan2 bantuan Melayu [termasuk Mendaki] hanya dlm bahasa inggeris? Bukankah “target audience” badan2 ini, besar kemungkinan, yg berpelajaran rendah, therefore, lebih selesa dgn bahasa melayu???

            My humble suggestions:
            1) Adakan pilihan utk bahasa melayu & inggeris di setiap website.
            2) Beri peluang pd pelajar2 dari madrasah, maktab rendah, polytechnics dan universiti utk menterjemahkan websites dpd inggeris ke melayu. Dgn ini pelajar2 dapat mengasah kebolihan dlm bahasa ibunda mereka, sekaligus ‘heighten their awareness abt devt in their community’. Wassalam.


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