Membership is open to all women.  By being a member at PPIS, you are directly supporting PPIS’s mission. Further involvement will allow you to:

  • Show your passion by Supporting PPIS programmes,  services and research dedicated to helping and empowering women
  • Gain valuable experience through volunteering
  • Network with other astounding people like you
  • Discounts on PPIS programs and activities
  • Discounts from merchants that support PPIS
  • Invites to social events

Membership Fees

  • Ordinary Member     $25.00 (per annum)
  • Associate Member     $25.00 (per annum)
  • Life Member    $250.00 (one-time payment)

To become a member, fill out the membership form and send it back together with a cheque/cash enclosed. Alternatively, you can come by to any of our 14 centres to make payment.