Sampul Duit Raya PPIS


PPIS Hari Raya Money Envelope

This year children from PPIS Early Childhood Education (ECE) Centres are engaging on a project entitled ‘My Colourful World’. As part of this theme, the children have been exposed to various artistic tools and have experimented and produced many eye-catching artworks.

At the same time, PPIS’ ECE curriculum has always emphasised on, not just individual development and excellence, but the children are also encouraged to participate in charity projects to inculcate the ihsan (goodwill) character in the children so as to become responsible members of the society. As such, the beautiful artwork that they have produced have been carefully selected and will be used to design the Sampul Raya (money envelopes for Hari Raya) which will be sold during Ramadhan. Proceeds of the sales of the Sampul Raya will be channelled towards PPIS fund-raising efforts which will benefit all PPIS beneficiaries including; single mothers, orphans, low-income families and other disadvantaged women and families.

There are 6 selected designs altogether and each packet contains 12 money envelopes at a size of a Singapore $10 note. At the back of each Sampul Raya, the name and details of the child who drew the artwork is featured as long as a brief description of what inspired the child to produce the artwork. Among the most outstanding artwork is a beautiful abstract oil painting done by Naurah Fikriyah Bte Md Redzwan, 3-years-old, from PPIS Child Development Centre – Pasir Ris 1. Naurah and her friends were introduced to the Russian abstract artiste, Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky and they were all inspired by his work entitled “Circles” and began producing similar pieces at school

The packets of 12 money envelopes will be sold at $10 for 4 packets starting from the first Friday of Ramadhan, 5th August 2011.  The packets will be sold at all PPIS centres across Singapore (excluding Junior Network) as well as participating establishments from 8th August onwards.

For those who are interested to order these unique and attractive money envelopes, please call 6744 0258. PPIS will post the envelopes to each donor for a minimum order of  $50 (20 packets). PPIS hopes to raise $10,000 from this project.

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